LATEST NEWS: Embrace EP to be released on June 21, 2019.

pre-sales coming soon!!

I am beyond excited to finally bring you all a collection of my stories in musical form. This has been a work in progress since I first began to write music back in  August 2017. The EP will include the previously released single "Everywhere" along with 5 original instrumentals. To me, this EP is about looking yourself in the mirror, seeing deep within, and being ok with who you are. My hope is to encourage people to "embrace" where they are in their lives and to know that we will all continue evolving. Each song is meant to be a step into the process of fully accepting and loving yourself.

Have I mentioned this is my FIRST EP ever!!? Would love to hear what you guys think about it . Excluding the track Everywhere (Co-writer Mike Bailey), all of the instrumentals were recorded, produced, and mixed by me at my humble home studio. It is with the help of my friends, family, and my lovely wife Ellen, that I was able to bring you guys my musical soul at the present moment. Would love to give a shout out to Jacob Crabb for mastering all of the tracks beautifully!

NEW VIDEO: A look into the mind of Serrano-Torres

Blue Sky

ELectric Love

Icelandic Adventure

Extending a warm welcome to you all as you join us in celebrating my first single and video release EVER. My team and I had the magical opportunity to shoot most of the video in Iceland in late May 2018 - WICKEDLY excited to share it with you all! The ethereal vibe and beauty was radiating out of the crisp air, vast-open plains, and towering mountains. Iceland was totally THE location to bring out the epicness in this cello-dubstep instrumental called "Everywhere".

 SO please enjoy, and immerse yourself into my cello world! 

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