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I am beyond excited to finally bring you all a collection of my stories in musical form. This has been a work in progress since I first began to write music back in  August 2017. The short album will include the previously released single "Everywhere" along with 7 original instrumentals. To me, this album is about looking yourself in the mirror, seeing deep within, and being ok with who you are. My hope is to encourage people to "embrace" where they are in their lives and to know that we will all continue to evolve. Each song is meant to be a step into the process of fully accepting and loving yourself. 



With Embrace, Christian effectively says, “I’m standing on the shoulders of classical giants and the composers that created it. But it’s my time now, and watch me go”.”

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Who is Serrano-Torres?

Sound Description

Transcending the ideals of what music should be, Serrano-Torres creates magical wonder with the voice of his cello. 

Find yourself in a world filled with enchantment, mystery, and fire as you follow the stories brought into existence by the soul of a cellist.


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